1. Impress the kid from the start.

Twitter: Iris_Elisabeth_

2. Piano practice

Instagram: ned.dixon

3. Don’t care who you are, let’s party!!

Reddit: zidanetribal

4. Smiles all round

Reddit: attackedbydinosaurs

5. Wholesome dog owner!

Reddit: mjmesco

6. Wholesome sushi man :)

Reddit: rageholy

7. Michael deserves a date

Twitter: salgueronatalie

8. Wholesome people at the skate park

Reddit: Lukebekz

9. Fun is the name of the game!

Reddit: zekel11

10. These good, gentle, art-loving boys

Reddit: ChickenKiez

11. Selfie stick review

Reddit: PleaseSaveTheWhales


Reddit: Master_Of_Puppers

13. Cameron and his Pulitzer-worthy smile

Twitter: DaveEitzen

14. When you meet someone with the same name as you

Twitter: _holly_freeman_, Reddit: 3TomBro3

15. Meow it out you two

Twitter: allieoets

16. True Friendship

Reddit: Nin10dork99

17. All matching :)

Twitter: Jessecaaaa_, Reddit: TractorJesus

18. Wholesome NYC.

Reddit: ailinggrandpa

19. What a well-deserving pupper :)

Twitter: Cole_Elkins

20. Wholesomeness at school

Reddit: Swiddly

21. Heroic

Twitter: Anguyenballer

22. This guy who loves deeper than any of us could ever hope to

Reddit: xxconclusionsxx

23. These friends who know that everyone deserves to look good while they’re eating pizza

Reddit: Narcotle

24. The best wallpaper

Reddit: Tyler1492

25. The purest people

Reddit: Juliusx

26. This supportive mom

Reddit: samirbrokeit

27. It’s always a good feeling to know you’re cool

Reddit: IComeBaringGifs

28. President Barack Obama

Reddit: itsfoine

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: salgueronatalie / Twitter