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Reddit: Palifaith

2. When you don’t want to decide between beauty and usefulness

Reddit: foreverwasted

3. If you can’t change anything, relax.

Watch out 4 the gators
Reddit: icant-chooseone

4. My volume knob came off a while back so I improvised with a coke cap

Reddit: bunnyforspace

5. There was a guy kayaking in my school’s fountain today

Reddit: jasonballwine

6. If you need cheering up, here’s a photo of the time my stepmum asked for cheese and biscuits at a hotel.

Reddit: stephkerr

7. The “older” gentleman taking our training has just taken a permanent marker to the 60-inch Samsung on the wall!!!

Reddit: MensHumor

8. Who needs a pacifier when you can just use glue

Reddit: KevKebab

9. Asked for “lots of syrup” and proceeded to fill her syrup bottle she brought.

Reddit: biscuitblue

10. Asked my niece to mask the doorbell before we paint

Reddit: traviseugeneclark

11. My friend got her license renewed and this is her temporary permit.

Reddit: afrikinboulos

12. This Patio Set.

Reddit: crankypizza

13. This is not how you fix a tire.

Reddit: JOHNNY_tee

14. When your boss is on vacation

Pikabu: kcnopka

15. The older generation can’t keep up with modern technology.

Pikabu: geekabu847

16. Following all instructions

Pikabu: Lena100176aaa

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: icant-chooseone / reddit, foreverwasted / reddit