In college math prof leaned on the ledge of an open (first floor) window with no screen while lecturing on business statistics. Tumbled out the window mid-sentence. Reappeared through the classroom door minutes later and picked up right where he had stopped.
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My friend and I skipped school one day to go see Pedro pitch at Fenway, our gym teacher was sitting in the same section and said “hey boys,im home sick” we replied “So are we”
He raised his beer and said “Go Sox”
We raised our Soda’s and said “HELL YEAH”
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One day my teacher said that as long as I kept talking in front of the class we wouldn’t have to do any work that day; so I did a 45 minute filibuster on the plot of Forrest Gump and she didn’t interrupt once
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One time my 70 year old professor walked in and said “don’t let your wife read 50 shades. things will get crazy real fast”

My Latin prof paused while conjugating a verb, stared at the board for a minute, then turned & said “It’d be awesome to die while writing on the board. You’d collapse & leave a chalk trail down to your corpse.” Went back to teaching after w/o further comment.
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I had a professor of abnormal psychology who once spent 20 minutes of class silently crouched in the corner facing the wall. Then finally got up and said, “that was weird, right?”
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I had a teacher that looked “rap name generator” on Google. He gave every student a name from the site and called them that for the rest of the week.
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Economics professor would walk into class and say All Aboard the Economic Express & we all had to respond with choo choo
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My Professor taught a full 50 minute English class before he realized he was my math teacher
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Our choir teacher tried to convince us that his “evil” twin brother was going to sub for him for a few weeks. It was him.
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One of my classmates asked the teacher what it’s like to be a teacher….So he interrupted her every 10 seconds until she cried.
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Literally every time my 10th grade English teacher would use the phrase “in a nutshell,” he would then crouch down really small on the floor in a ball and yell “BUT HOW DID I GET IN A NUTSHELL?!”
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My grade 3 teacher would remove her glass eye and clean it during silent reading time.
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A former teacher of mine once answered the phone, had a conversation in Russian, said he had to go and then rushed out of the classroom in the middle of class. He never came back
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My 5th grade teacher would put on Bill Nye the Science Guy, then glare at the tv and mutter “That could be me.”
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I had a teacher that would take us down to the voting area on Election Day so that we could ‘smell the democracy’
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I had a teacher who would attach the head of Barbie dolls to long sticks and use them to point at things on the board. She had like 10 she would keep in a vase on her desk.
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Our english teacher used to have rap battles with kids who hadnt done their homework
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3rd grade,Thriller came out.Teacher learned to moonwalk.If you had a question, he’d moonwalk across the room to your desk.
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My English teacher wanted us to hear some bad writing examples… so he pulled up his ex-girlfriend’s tumblr page and read of some of her posts.
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More info: #MyTeacherIsWeird?, H/T BoredPanda