1. Chemistry teacher made their classroom ceiling into the periodic table.

Reddit: FizziPop16

2. This professor who taped a photo of themselves onto their door’s window

Twitter: KaySiizzle

3. Science teacher’s desk is a fish tank

Reddit: moneymattharris

4. My bio teacher has a custom-made stamp of his face

Reddit: MarkZuckerbritches

5. This teacher who smartly accommodated to the hole punch

The slightly reduced font size to make space for the hole
Reddit: liiit

6. This teacher who knows that tiny erasers are overrated

Twitter: nao_sou_bot

7. This cloth screen goes over the door hinge, at a preschool, to keep kids from getting their fingers smashed.

Reddit: LeifSized

8. This teacher who knows just how to make a poker face

Twitter: zynfrhn_

9. Music teachers’ office has unique knocking rhythm to summon a specific teacher.

Reddit: bestplayer23

10. This teacher who’s mastered their iPhone

Twitter: elizwsmith

11. Went to go get help from a teacher and this is what I found

Reddit: mjohnson125

12. This teacher projects his face during exams

Reddit: ecd4517

13. My math teacher takes pi day (and facial hair) seriously.

Reddit: pigster69

14. English professor has a mini library for people in front of his house

Reddit: whisperspit

15. Today, my professor decided to match his tie with his powerpoint theme

Reddit: lilgoattt

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: zynfrhn_ / twitter