1. This dog saw students buying groceries and started bringing leaves to buy himself treats

Facebook: Angela Garcia Bernal

2. This dog falling into the hole (that he dug), getting stuck, then accepting it

Twitter: pennies103

3. This is Henry. He just graduated. Immediately forgot the canine life skill of not eating your diploma.

Twitter: dog_rates

4. This is Jamesy. He gives a kiss to every other pupper he sees on his walk.

Twitter: dog_rates

5. She’ll be playing Nana in my daughter’s ballet production of Peter Pan. Today was her costume fitting.

Reddit: EchoLyn

6. My dog doesn’t like milk bones, however when someone gives her one she’ll carry it in her mouth and will wait till we’re far enough away and will gently put it on the ground.

Reddit: ayyoriverr

7. The boys are all tucked in for bed :)

Tumblr: alfienajax

8. Happy birthday!


9. This is the way of the Golden.

Twitter: stanced_photos

10. I don’t think my neighbor’s dog gets much attention at home so he comes over to my yard for scritches

Reddit: Britches_and_Hose

11. You howl all you want Charleston, honey

Twitter: jegan__mones

12. Just Doing Some Light Reading Before Bed


13. Good boi knows he’s not allowed to have sticks inside

Reddit: m33tRiley

14. How my dog greets me every day after work

Reddit: wxds

15. Poor guy was heartbroken when I told him it was time to go

Reddit: Grammargambler

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: EchoLyn / reddit, imgur