1. Took a panoramic photo at a museum and ended up making it look like this girl has the ultimate selfie hand.

Reddit: Strid3r21

2. What happens when you take a panoramic photo and your dog runs into the shot.

Reddit: pembull02

3. When you ask a friend to spy on your ex

Twitter: BelleSiemens

4. Today I managed to ruin a panoramic photo.

Imgur: trampolinefox

5. I regret trying to take a cute panorama of my dog

Twitter: bulletsmikey

6. Undercover giraffe

Imgur: juliazofiaa

7. The lighting changed as I took my panorama.

Reddit: reddit

8. My Dad’s Weird Panorama Fail

Reddit: reddit

9. A panoramic image catching my cat sneezing

Imgur: pixelSHREDDER

10. When you try to make a nice pose, but your friend trolls you

Imgur: DefOld

11. “You’ve got to put your behind in your past.” – Pumbaa, the lion king

Instagram: kinghenrydood

12. Panorama Fail

Twitter: PanoramaFails

13. Some say they gain weight when they go on vacation, I guess I gained a little more than that!

Instagram: kylikamiller

14. Love a girl with long legs

Instagram: dandunm

15. My friend stood up during a panoramic shot and all that I got were his disembodied floating legs.

Imgur: blacksabbathrules

16. When you see it….

Instagram: hell_yersteve

17. To take a panorama…

Reddit: Digsa2

18. When using panorama on the iPhone goes wrong

Reddit: amystephens

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: BelleSiemens / Twitter, pixelSHREDDER / Imgur