1. Where does the english language GET OFF???

Twitter: maa_dee1

2. Who’s responsible for this???

Twitter: ahboycourage, Twitter: datassque

3. What even is a straw???

Twitter: localpeter

4. How did squids drop the ball on this???

Twitter: haannaschmitz, Twitter: madblackthot

5. Whose horses are they? WHOSE?!!?

Twitter: zyphree_, Twitter: lebaenesepapii

6. Where’s the gas???

Twitter: koolaid_sippin, Twitter: jvmeshoover

7. Why does sleeping work like this???

Twitter: freedevo_, Twitter: yungpincher

8. What’s the deal with tips???

Twitter: jalenskutt, Twitter: dylanlim21

9. Where does Big Trash GET OFF???

Twitter: jvmeshoovre, Twitter: luckylefty_

10. What’s the REAL #1???

Twitter: cantguardkaleb, Twitter: datassque

11. Where do banks GET OFF???

Twitter: will173am, Twitter: izzygeraci

12. How TF does time even work???

Twitter: indianschoolboi, Twitter: datassque

13. Why is less more???

Twitter: rodeothealbum

14. Record record record record???

Twitter: rodeothealbum

15. Aren’t the seats imaginary???

Twitter: strickjackson, Twitter: tt_2015

16. Who in the Kim Deal is responsible for GIGANTIC???

Twitter: queenidle, Twitter: madblackthot

17. Who is that little voice???

Twitter: deaf600, Twitter: datassque

18. What idiot did this???

Twitter: datassque

19. What’s going on with cereal technology???

Twitter: rmunroe_17, Twitter: datassque

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: localpeter / Twitter