1. Life of chicken

MrPuckett / Via imgur.com

2. The happiest dog in the world

ARussianAndHisBike / Via imgur.com

3. I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed.

Werneheisenborg / Via imgur.com

4. He seems to be enjoying the situation.

JMyers666 / Via reddit.com

5. You need to be able to relax no matter what’s around you.

jaerat / Via imgur.com

6. My fosters haven’t quite nailed down how to sleep the right way

ififitsisits29 / Via imgur.com

7. A squirrel fell in love with my stepdad

forty_hands / Via reddit.com

8. My little girl enjoying her first vacation . I suppose she likes it

123ura / Via imgur.com

9. The quietest place

ififitsisits29 / Via imgur.com

10. Never ever release the ball, even when sleeping

Johnyhalal / Via imgur.com

11. The way cats can blend in

ST86X / Via reddit.com

12. He is cute at any time of day or night.

EdgeOfTheComb / Via imgur.com

13. This duckling imprinted onto my brother.

imgur / Via imgur.com

14. My 80-yr. old grandpa with my parents’ new adopted Corgi pup, Ladybug

nymphadora-lovegood / Via reddit.com

15. We put some sod in a litter box to help housebreak our puppy. Our cat has claimed it as her own.

newguy / Via imgur.com

16. How cute are baby hamsters?

renzopin / Via imgur.com

17. Hufflepuff the amazing guinea pig. ;)

ThunderShot64 / Via imgur.com

18. Be careful!

PaulyParker / Via imgur.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: ST86X / reddit, newguy / imgur