1. Happy dog at a pool party

fattsoo / Via reddit.com

2. A normal day at the beach with friends

TheFreeMarket / Via imgur.com

3. Family day by the pool

MellowHippy / Via imgur.com

4. Shades.. check! Floaties… Check! Smile… Check! Friends dog ready to hit the pool.

faustelo / Via reddit.com

5. Happy hour

imgur / Via imgur.com

6. Just do it..

Siberiian / Via twitter.com

7. Toadally relaxed…

imgur / Via imgur.com

8. It’s very important to stay hydrated through out the day.

SportsFittie / Via twitter.com

9. Ice-breaker

MellowHippy / Via imgur.com

10. I’ve never been more jealous of two dogs than I am now

professord00m / Via imgur.com

11. This Florida heat got us all like

TheWittyWarlock / Via reddit.com

12. These Chickens on a hot day

SeymoreBhutts / Via reddit.com

13. When the heat knocks you down

Kshandoo / Via imgur.com

14. It’s so hot

MellowHippy / Via imgur.com


lightlyfriedpotatochip / Via imgur.com

16. Summer diet: a whole watermelon

ChinaDaily / Via twitter.com

17. It’s hot here

MellowHippy / Via imgur.com

18. Indian elephant enjoying some water

sonicdreams / Via imgur.com

19. If you want to buy some ice-cream, that’s your problem.

MellowHippy / Via imgur.com

20. Look at him, he is so happy with himself.

unknown_name / Via reddit.com

H/T Bright Side, Preview photo credit: MellowHippy / imgur, lightlyfriedpotatochip / imgur