1. When teachers cover the clock in their classroom.

wjohc / Via reddit.com

2. My teacher killed in ant in the copier now it’s on all of the papers.

tydollasign1 / Via reddit.com

3. My graphic design teacher let us make pizza rolls in the T-shirt printer

The_Meme-Connoisseur / Via reddit.com

4. I’m a high school history teacher and for the past five years I’ve drawn a Picture of the Day for my students.

jmayne / Via reddit.com

5. When you start with bad news and end with bad news

KingPZe / Via reddit.com, efua_love / Via twitter.com

6. My English teacher put this on the clock during finals. How clever…..


7. Last day of school term and this teacher must be really keen for the holidays

karma_queen10 / Via reddit.com

8. My teacher just posted this on the board.

Rodentman87 / Via reddit.com

9. So my chemistry teacher set the table on fire

iwillmindfuckyou / Via tumblr.com

10. I’m a high school teacher. My student pulled a fu*king pillow out of his backpack and went to sleep during exam week. I was honestly impressed.

taylorclark0808 / Via reddit.com

11. I was checking some teachers’ computers at local high school for work and saw this on a teacher’s desk

energy_sync / Via reddit.com

12. When your teacher finds your soulmate during a test

Pushok69 / Via pikabu.ru

13. This Julius Caesar pen holder on history teachers desk.

thenetraven / Via reddit.com

14. This is a reliable way to make sure no students will be tardy

PoReSHaL / Via pikabu.ru

15. He does this every test so we don’t cheat

chingaderaymedia / Via tumblr.com

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