1. How happy my life is with this 12 floofs.

12catslady / Via instagram.com

2. When healthy also means beautiful

hydrovegan / Via instagram.com

3. Chocolate with the taste of victory

epicnessity / Via imgur.com

4. This bundle of pencils at a library…

dwimback / Via reddit.com

5. This looks way too good to touch.

SatansAssWater / Via imgur.com

6. Glass recursion art


7. Tomato in the fence

reddit / Via reddit.com

8. A market in my town is serious about their produce displays.

imgur / Via imgur.com

9. My pasta synchronised perfectly in the pan whilst cooking

lagori / Via reddit.com

10. Parking in LA

QuaggaSwagger / Via reddit.com

11. The world’s most perfect onion.

SuperMR / Via imgur.com

12. So satisfying.

the_scriptic / Via reddit.com

13. The perfect ombre.

BlackEyedBroad / Via reddit.com

14. This cream is so perfect that I don’t want to use it.

iLikeLameStuff / Via reddit.com

15. Just the right mug to warm a Stroopwafel

Rilokileyrocks / Via reddit.com

16. Satisfying Cable organization

nastasia8989 / Via reddit.com

17. The way the vans are parked

Chinstep_Chinstrap / Via reddit.com

18. Our boxer made a new friend today.

risk-is-write / Via reddit.com

19. Google Data Center, Douglas County, GA, USA


20. Lawn mowing taken to a new level

jazznwhiskey / Via reddit.com

21. The perfect apple

aquero / Via reddit.com

22. I think I made the sh*t out of this cake

ohcleverusername / Via reddit.com

23. Grandmas delicious 21 layer jello

ThUltimateGuy / Via reddit.com

24. A gummy bear sculpture

witenry / Via instagram.com

25. An extremely satisfying example of finding the perfect fit. (Staple remover + $1)

MashedHair / Via reddit.com

H/T Bright Side, Preview photo credit: aquero / reddit, iLikeLameStuff / reddit