1. Under a wave

Reddit_daddy / Via reddit.com

2. Fireflies (A long-exposure photo)

ChazDoge / Via imgur.com

3. Dude, he is floating!

FaustoYoshihara / Via reddit.com

4. No photoshop. Just foggy skiing day in Slovenia.

tubituu / Via imgur.com

5. Glowing base of tree made by arranging leaves

Noerdy / Via reddit.com

6. Wow… No, not Photoshop, just… cool.

dragonworthy / Via reddit.com

7. Wow…Amazing Black & White Photography

kyleadlerphotography / Via instagram.com

8. Bird’s eye view of Amsterdam

nameuser4321 / Via reddit.com

9. This perfect timing

Ibasan / Via imgur.com

10. Confusing perspective

ArkadiusBear / Via reddit.com

11. Every 10,000 miles of driving or so, I get to see something like this

chakalakasp / Via imgur.com

12. The road that stopped the fire

Evgeniy Green / Via apertura.me

13. This sunflower doesn’t want to face east

EnjoyOslo / Via reddit.com

14. All in camera multiple exposure of the Blood Moon I did a while back

ShrugLove / Via imgur.com

15. Just makeup. By the way, Halloween is coming soon

Jordan311R / Via reddit.com

16. The thousandth of a second

Ger Kelliher / Via facebook.com

17. Levels of sunset

Gabriel Puyana / Via yourshot.nationalgeographic.com

18. Wheat field next to a lavender field

sivribiber / Via reddit.com

19. Lava that formed to look like a pile of bodies being sucked into the fiery void of hell

Reddit__PI / Via reddit.com

20. This picture of sutro tower in San Francisco makes it look like the top of the flying dutchman’s floating ship


Preview photo credit: ShrugLove / imgur