1. This crappy paycheck

sayuuumm / Via twitter.com

2. There are plenty of crappy tippers out there

_serverbabe / Via instagram.com

3. I actually laughed really hard

bmerrick89 / Via instagram.com

4. Those tips servers don’t get to keep them all.

Darbyrages / Via twitter.com

5. It’s stressful AF


6. The side work is pretty mundane.

ayo_jonesgirl / Via instagram.com

7. Servers’ working environment is pretty hostile sometimes

iampixiedustandwaterfalls / Via instagram.com

8. There are some nasty customers


9. And inconsiderate customers

almosttiffany / Via twitter.com

10. The customers can be pretty creepy too

MerissaLongg / Via twitter.com

11. And leave a mess

ashleigh3847320 / Via twitter.com

12. And having way too many books

serverproblems / Via instagram.com

13. You have to work long hours

Makree7 / Via twitter.com

14. And forget having holidays off

JesssCohen / Via twitter.com

15. Or snow days

brad_weidman / Via twitter.com

16. You leave smelling like the food you served all day

N_Posey / Via twitter.com

It’s just honestly really hard work

_GedH / Via twitter.com

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