1. My parents’ dog locked himself in the shower and spent the better part of an hour trying to lick his way out….

TheNYCFilmChick / Via twitter.com

2. Look at this little fu*ker after I took her bone away from her (she was choking on it).

NotEthiopian / Via twitter.com

3. Dog escapes, then rings doorbell to get back inside

abc13houston / Via twitter.com

4. The look on this dog’s face is priceless


5. This is Roger. He gets jealous of his human baby brother. Acts out by stealing pacifiers and demanding to be held.

dog_rates / Via twitter.com

6. Today marks a year since I paid nearly £200 to be told my dog was faking struggling to breathe in order to be carried.

vnevah / Via twitter.com

7. My dog got a little excited when I arrived home for the holidays

-GremlinDVa- / Via reddit.com

8. Arrived at my destination, then turned around to check on my dog who was sitting in the back seat..

CherryandIvory / Via reddit.com

9. This is how my dog greets me at the door today.

dirtyfacedkid / Via reddit.com

10. Not remotely sorry

IHaeTypos / Via reddit.com

11. When you get schooled by a dog

KWisto / Via reddit.com

12. Doggo Runs Away With a GoPro

thund3rbolt / Via imgur.com

H/T BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: IHaeTypos / reddit, dirtyfacedkid / reddit