1. Saw this rock and thought it was a cheesecake

QualityCucumber / Via reddit.com

2. Chicken that looks like a chicken.

LilSunDan / Via reddit.com

3. Skipping leg day

cdiamond317 / Via reddit.com

4. Melty Snoot

Tarthbane / Via reddit.com

5. How it looks like this hippo charger has bitten and broken my phone.

ProdigySoulz / Via reddit.com

6. The fog is making the stadium look like a spaceship

redonehabib / Via reddit.com

7. This chameleon shedding his skin looks like he is wearing pajamas.

ZuzusEars / Via reddit.com

8. Forbidden strawberry ice cream

Sofos-Archarios / Via reddit.com

9. My dog’s ear looks like his own face.

Embeast / Via reddit.com

10. Sock on cat

primos235 / Via reddit.com

11. The shadow of these eyeglasses looks like a different style of eyeglasses.

badmagis / Via reddit.com

12. It looks like this black and white picture has a yellow light but it’s only a reflection

ishkidor / Via reddit.com

13. Fish blends in

hootersbutwithcats / Via reddit.com

14. High-waist pants are in fashion

velectronn / Via reddit.com

15. My dog is the exact same color as the rug at my Mother-in-Law’s house

RemingtonRivers / Via reddit.com

16. The marbling on this cake looks like a skunk.

creamportion / Via reddit.com

17. Girl’s leg is on backwards

ParanoidCamel / Via reddit.com

18. The way this mask looks like this guy’s cape…

karateaftermath / Via reddit.com

19. When the inside of your mushroom looks like a mushroom

adventurepaul / Via reddit.com

20. The way my dog stands

OtherwiseFortunate / Via reddit.com

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