1. Probably the best coming out advice I have ever given

kaiti-renee / Via tumblr.com

2. This clever response

mistermattt / Via tumblr.com

3. This dad who understood that you can never take things…too far

alyssazack / Via tumblr.com

4. This surprise which was, apparently, sent to their dad

fre8ks / Via tumblr.com

5. This unreal plot twist

sneakybitchknowskarate / Via tumblr.com

6. This mother who had her priorities focused on more pressing matters

not-your-dandelion / Via tumblr.com

7. This genius Friends reference:

greendrinkgoddess / Via tumblr.com

8. This ride-or-die mama

amiedelisle / Via tumblr.com

9. This friend who just kept it amazingly cool

tonerdinessandbeyond / Via tumblr.com

10. This dad who deserves ALL the awards

opus-x / Via tumblr.com

11. This stunning illustrated message

lesbianheroin / Via tumblr.com

12. This beautiful moment of Bro Love

paleveil / Via twitter.com

13. This conversation where the roles were reversed


14. This friend who obviously skipped a few science classes

anacondalord / Via tumblr.com

15. This little tune


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