1. “Got Off The Internet, I Need To Use The Phone” years old:


2. “Carried My Entire Music Collection In A Binder” years old


3. “Orange Tape” years old

okMute / Via twitter.com

4. “Read The Back Of A Shampoo Bottle On The Toilet” years old

penn451 / Via reddit.com

5. “Had To Look Up Movie Times In The Newspaper” years old

TheOldManClub / Via twitter.com

6. “Video Games Only Worked On Channel 3″ years old

CerromeRussell / Via twitter.com

7. “Recorded A Song Off The Radio For A Ringtone” years old

miss_neoentle / Via twitter.com

8. “Watched Titanic On Two Separate VHS Tapes” years old

BossyLossy / Via twitter.com, yardsalebargains.ecrater.com

9. “Had To Physically Roll Up The Windows” years old

KingJamesofDfs / Via twitter.com

10. “Almost Lost A Fortune On Phone Internet” years old

XicanitaBonita / Via twitter.com

11. “Wrote Down All The Phone Numbers I Knew On A Sheet Of Paper” years old


12. “Didn’t Need To Charge My Phone Every Two Hours” years old

TrxllStar / Via twitter.com

13. “Got Trapped In A Phone Cord” years old

WheresThaGravy / Via reddit.com

14. “Asked HUMAN BEINGS For Directions” years old

nikkibloomsmith / Via reddit.com

15. “Missed The Channel I Was Waiting For On TV Guide And Have To Wait Another 4 Minutes” years old

Filligan / Via reddit.com

16. “Took 45 Seconds To Say Hello On T9″ years old

CISNCountry / Via twitter.com

17. “Spent Days Waiting For A Tiny File To Download” years old

1105Katty / Via twitter.com

18. “Almost Physically Assaulted A Family Member Because They Taped Over Something” years old

tgraf86 / Via instagram.com

19. “Had A Computer Room” years old

evaamichelle / Via twitter.com

20. “Covered My Eyes While Rewinding” years old

3smitty / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: TrxllStar / twitter