1. Close enough

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2. Friendship Goals Be Like…

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3. True friendship

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And this is true friendship goals

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4. Friend is moving away for a new job

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5. My mate wasn’t going to his graduation due to his parent being away. So we took a budget graduation photo and stepped in as “mum” and “dad”

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6. Woke up and found this taped to my mirror, how did I get so lucky!?

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7. The Meaning of Friendship.

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8. A group of Mexican fans came to Russia with a cardboard photo of the friend whose wife didn’t let him go

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9. Thanks, sign!

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10. My roommate celebrates Christmas, I celebrate Hanukkah…we decided to build a compromise.

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11. Talk about friendship

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12. Me and my friend of 20 years got a friendship tattoo. No regrets.

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13. Corbin my man! My friend’s birthday gift to me

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14. My friend worked very hard for this pic

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15. One of my best friends married his girlfriend yesterday. Our other best friend was his witness.

You told me to dress up.
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16. I got bit in the leg by a shark. My friend purchased this gift for me.

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