1. This note that the principal put on the men’s bathroom at my high school.

Tmac2019 / Via reddit.com

2. Yikes, I can only imagine what went down here

narglehunter / Via reddit.com

3. Party in the bathroom

neverhadfreewill / Via reddit.com

4. This sign in the bathroom at work.

sirjombie / Via reddit.com

5. Bathroom encouragement

himemsys / Via reddit.com

6. A sign in the 1 bathroom stall that our office building has for 20 plus dudes to use.

BobO-9er / Via reddit.com

7. Sign in men’s bathroom stall.

NateTheConvert / Via reddit.com

8. In this case it was the cleaner that was FED UP

Jcarff / Via reddit.com

9. Don’t be afraid to use public bathrooms ever again

j0be / Via reddit.com

10. Came to work today and saw this note on the bathroom door

Vital_Granade / Via reddit.com

11. Now this bathroom is just scary

BG0 / Via reddit.com

12. I’ll be damned. It worked. Heading to store now for air freshener and some silky soft toilet paper.

Browerma / Via reddit.com

13. Someone left a note in the bathroom at work.

DJTasty / Via reddit.com

14. This sign at a bathroom in my university

eddypc07 / Via reddit.com

15. A bathroom sign at work which cheers me up.

BanditRaccoon / Via reddit.com

16. Sign hung up in the bathroom of work

bwn3d / Via reddit.com

17. Went to the bathroom during a university tour and instantly knew where I would be spending the next four years of my life.

Treedomm / Via reddit.com

18. This was posted in the bathroom at a pizza place I went to…

Vanilla_Pizza / Via reddit.com

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