1. Does anyone else eat ice cream like THIS!?

muariley / Via twitter.com

2. No, I will not accept this avocado eating method

eyeseeanakaren / Via twitter.com

3. Does anyone else peel their lemons and eat them like this or am I just a psycho

iemutee / Via twitter.com

4. Why would you eat the fruit like this?!

albertgarciaa__ / Via twitter.com

5. This method of eating a Kit Kat is ridiculous

CarlMullan / Via twitter.com

6. They’re eating this cucumber like a pickle and I will not stand for it.

jessicadiegoo / Via twitter.com

7. Does anyone actually eat a KitKat like this?

UHYPEtweets / Via twitter.com

8. If you eat string cheese by biting into it like this you deserve to be slapped.

lycialately / Via twitter.com

9. My little brother and his friend eat their noodles like this. I’m disgusted

marcillalashe / Via twitter.com

10. I don’t understand why anyone would eat cereal like this.

mumblemurr / Via twitter.com

11. This is a crime, there’s so much left.

AmamdaDennis / Via twitter.com

12. I’m confused. How do you eat an orange like this

hamlambb / Via twitter.com

13. This savage hot dog eater is a monster.

NickTheBarb3r / Via twitter.com

14. This is not an acceptable way to eat pie.

papachef26 / Via twitter.com

15. I mean I guess this is more sanitary but why waste a fork?

TarnSarah / Via twitter.com

16. Who leaves wings like THIS?!

K1NG_JAMES_ / Via twitter.com


LeBaerut / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: K1NG_JAMES_ / twitter