1. Just unscrew this every time you want to drink..

ikeagoddess100 / Via reddit.com

2. In a bag dangling by a thin ribbon

lianatakisah / Via reddit.com

3. I need a cup, I mean real cups, not measuring cups.

TheUnspokenTruth / Via reddit.com

4. So please, hipster bars of the world, put away your leather drawstring pouches.

mylittleswampduck / Via reddit.com

5. Say hello to my Bloody Mary in a box.

harryofthehendersons / Via reddit.com

6. I don’t want to drink from a garbage can! I just don’t!

Schooney123 / Via reddit.com

7. Cocktail in a seashell, advertised as containing ‘dehydrated seawater’, Shoreditch, London

Who wants to sip their cocktail out of a damn seashell???
Phaedrus1024 / Via reddit.com

8. Clay pot? Not for food use? No thanks. I’ll take a regular ‘ol cup please.

W0NdERSTrUM / Via reddit.com

9. This just doesn’t even make any goddamn sense

shwimpfwiedwice / Via reddit.com

10. Lychee Drink served in a… pot?

Luminicity / Via reddit.com

11. Cocktail in a Frozen bell pepper.

Dungeonmeat / Via reddit.com

12. Bloody Mary In a Spam Tin

Put your garbage in the garbage!!! Stop serving it to guests!
Lazl0H011yfeld / Via reddit.com

13. Our cocktail served in a bath tub, complete with a rubber duckie

cocolapuff / Via reddit.com

14. Disaronno Sour: Disaronno, lemon and syrup. Oh, and thyme, a pansy, a mountain of ice, a dusting of red and dry ice; all in a plant pot. Cheers!

bevoid / Via reddit.com

15. I can’t focus on my drink

Miss_Twiss / Via reddit.com

16. Who needs cups when you can have chocolate?

Zick2000 / Via reddit.com

17. If I ordered a beer and received it in a bowl, I would be very sad

MrTibbs25 / Via reddit.com


kirkichi / Via reddit.com

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