1. Why I su*k at grocery shopping

bizcat / Via reddit.com

2. Poor guy was shopping with three girls. He laid down for a second and they just left him like this. They shopped, he dropped.

epatti0914 / Via reddit.com

3. This is perhaps the single greatest thing I have ever found while shopping.

brooklynMCFC / Via imgur.com

4. I’d like to buy a pack of…… Can I see your ID?

minias6538 / Via imgur.com

5. I never really liked salads until I started shopping here.

target1337 / Via reddit.com

6. This supermarket knows its target demography…

peacekeeper76 / Via reddit.com

7. When you really can do it in one trip

Tshepo_sebino / Via twitter.com

8. When you go to the supermarket with your mom and she sees someone she knows and starts talking to them

OriaifoJude / Via twitter.com

9. LOL

IciClover / Via twitter.com

10. Mom went couch shopping. She sent my sister a pic when we noticed something…

Jchka3 / Via reddit.com

11. Overly attached shopping centre.

RoseTyler94 / Via imgur.com

12. Saw Jack Sparrow and Wolverine shopping for a bottle of water today.

giftits / Via imgur.com

13. I take my hedgehog grocery shopping, and no one tells me to stop.

LethalLlama1887 / Via reddit.com

14. saw this guy while shopping for guitars.

RuggedlyHandsome / Via reddit.com

15. That moment, when you find the young Michael Jackson alive while grocery shopping….

Mbrooks3 / Via reddit.com

16. Damn illegal aliens stealing our jobs

Marty-McF1y / Via reddit.com

17. Sometimes I like to go to IKEA and pretend I’m in a Swedish arthouse film

moyno85 / Via reddit.com

18. Saw this guy sleeping in a bodega in NYC

Thegoddamnpatman / Via .com

19. Walmart has some terrifying products. Nana wasn’t too happy about it

thejesskat / Via reddit.com

20. Why dads don’t do the food shopping…

undercovergiraffe / Via imgur.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: Tshepo_sebino / twitter, bizcat / reddit