1. I trying to fit into society’s standards

jmonise / Via twitter.com

2. Things always seem to go exactly their way — or at least, that’s how they make it look.

Clovin Agüero / Via facebook.com

3. While other peeps may have their doubts, this type of person most certainly does not.

gabbie_momesso / Via twitter.com

4. As long as it gets the job done, no one can really complain.

MariaOl50463220 / Via twitter.com

5. They just know they can make things work…

Luisflipee / Via twitter.com

6. You just have to keep an open mind about everything…

FodaseEuSouALei / Via twitter.com

7. Failure just isn’t an option.

Artur Almeida / Via facebook.com

8. Life isn’t for quitters!

Franklyn Xavier / Via facebook.com

9. Maybe their methods aren’t always the most conventional…

1mavez / Via twitter.com

10. But like, you might as well try, right??

jopejotta0s / Via twitter.com

11. Because you never know when things might magically fit…

frasesdebebada / Via twitter.com

12. And no one ever said that life had to be perfectly photogenic, anyway.

favrdixon / Via twitter.com

13. Not lose faith in the system…

Sávio Taylor / Via facebook.com

14. And give everything the ol’ college try, at least once.

karoliveirasz / Via twitter.com

15. Because you never know! Sometimes, you can really just make it work.

IsPedroLiveira / Via twitter.com

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