1. Set for life if he can hold on

ScipioA / Via reddit.com

2. This dude paying off his parking ticket

gothiccheesepuff / Via reddit.com

3. Car thief

killerbunnyfamily / Via reddit.com

4. This guy who just met his new best friend

arphaxad1 / Via reddit.com

5. This guy who’s large and in charge

floofboys / Via twitter.com

6. Fat trash pandas are the best trash pandas

lindscliff / Via reddit.com

7. My sister sent me this pic of a trash panda hanging out in her neighbor’s gutter.

c-root / Via reddit.com

8. This chow-time squad

Our 93 year old neighbor passed away on Sunday. Apparently he was feeding these little sweeties. Now they come to our door. My husband is the new proud father of these 4 trash pandas
emteeone / Via reddit.com

9. Trash panda reflecting on the choices that led him to this embarrassing moment.

supercitron / Via reddit.com

10. What taking care of 4 trash pandas is really like.

dbvulcan / Via reddit.com

11. This snuggle monster

silent_owlinthenight / Via reddit.com

12. Don’t worry about the snow, trashpanda is here to snowplow!

IkiOLoj / Via reddit.com

13. Fact : bears eat beets (an office washbear)

IkiOLoj / Via reddit.com

14. Gary the trash panda visits my dad at work

vegdead / Via reddit.com

15. Peekaboo! I see you

m0rris0n_hotel / Via reddit.com

16. This crew going for an afternoon climb

geronimo11b / Via reddit.com

17. She said YES !!

teriaksu / Via reddit.com

18. Bath time!

iciclemomore / Via reddit.com

More info: r/trashpanda, H/T BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: teriaksu / reddit