1. High school gym in Pontiac, MI. There are no words…

NeverSeenSandlot / Via reddit.com

2. This school doesn’t know what they’re doing.


3. The DESIGN SCHOOL I graduated from sent this postcard out

edrini / Via reddit.com

4. A poster advertising graphic design class at my high school.

CaptKane / Via reddit.com

5. New statue at a catholic school

Honestly, whether the dude is giving the kid some bread, or flopping out his holy scepter, that look of bored detachment is pretty inappropriate.
Carmineld91 / Via reddit.com

6. This sign that would have been fine for any school except a German one.

trob / Via reddit.com

7. Those gears won’t turn, which I guess makes it a fairly apt metaphor for school districts and education.

TAKEitTOrCIRCLEJERK / Via reddit.com

8. The school I work for has an anti-bullying initiative called “Not in Our School!”


9. These jumbled letters

pvogelsang / Via reddit.com

10. I don’t think my school understands how playing cards work.

ShadowGamer648 / Via reddit.com

11. This sign for a private Catholic school.

IntelWarrior / Via reddit.com

12. Our school has fantastic fans

Kokudko / Via reddit.com

13. Motivational announcement screen at my school

c7hq / Via reddit.com

14. My schools idea of eating healthy.


15. This was just installed at my high school.

JokerDZNx / Via reddit.com

16. Not sure this is the art school for me

cgaweekly / Via reddit.com

17. These steps that apparently want you to fall on your face while trying to read them.

Molcomb / Via reddit.com

18. This unsolvable math problem at my school

Just_Another_Koala / Via reddit.com

19. The mirror at the men’s bathroom at my school.

Mexishould / Via reddit.com

20. My high school’s end zone for over 90 years.

athinnes / Via reddit.com

21. This ticket gate at my school.

Sofia1682 / Via reddit.com

22. These desks


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