1. My friend asked her fiancé to take a picture of her in Milan

fatherofbabydragons / Via reddit.com

2. This woman’s reflection

Fart_Muffin / Via reddit.com

3. That awkward moment when youre trying to take a selfie and a mother decides to beat her child with her sandal

PolarLight / Via reddit.com

4. Toddler in a dress

I_AM_HE_WHO_IS_I_AM / Via reddit.com

5. Dwarf with backwards feet has first modelling session

YourGodDaddy / Via reddit.com

6. My boyfriend was taking photos of me and a bug flew by

allbentatthehandle / Via reddit.com

7. My friend was just trying to take a pic with her ice cream but ended up emulating a popular meme.

pjmboothang / Via twitter.com

8. This guy in my panoramic photo is taking a picture of himself

Cyners / Via reddit.com

9. Me taking pics of my bf vs. him taking pics of me

aleeomo / Via twitter.com

10. They got their food 10 minutes ago…

cyan1618 / Via reddit.com

11. Creeping from underneath the couch

Dirk41theDemigod / Via reddit.com

12. I’m drunk and I tried to take a selfie with my cat . She was startled

theOG_Stan / Via reddit.com

13. My dad trying to take Panoramic’s of me. I’m mad asf.

sc_x_cs / Via twitter.com

14. Me omw to my wedding after pre gaming too hard. Not the best wedding photo…

yungizzyy / Via twitter.com

15. Snake struck at the camera as he took the picture of me


16. Wedding day photo.

PooterContributor / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: pjmboothang / twitter