1. This wife, who made her husband a quick bagel for breakfast

kidneysandpinups / Via instagram.com

2. This wife, who has a lot on her mind…and one thing that isn’t

sarasheridan / Via twitter.com

3. This wife, who tried to sew up a hole in her husband’s pants, and gave him, well, a different kind of hole

I’m not very good with the Bernina, and now my husband’s patched pants look like a different kind of hole.
mrsdrdahl / Via instagram.com

4. This wife, whose autocorrection definitely got her husband’s hopes up

kiwiquinn / Via instagram.com

5. This wife, who can’t hold up her end of the bargain

StayAtHomeMom_ / Via twitter.com

6. This wife, who washed and dryed her husband’s sweater

mrs_mcbride / Via instagram.com

7. This wife, who tried to give her husband a haircut

Oops! Guess somebody’s getting their head shaved.
eboo3 / Via instagram.com

8. This wife, who’s not exactly a hopeless romantic

Update: the socks will be a day late!
queen_arthur_x / Via instagram.com

9. This wife, who packed her husband a snack

Packed my husband a super-healthy lunch today, almost nailed it!
mrs_ssmith86 / Via instagram.com

10. This wife, who tried to make her husband a birthday cake

workin.mama / Via instagram.com

11. This wife, who quite literally missed her husband’s cry for help

This is what ensues when your husband is on the roof trying to address the leak and you’re inside tying to feed the kids and give them a bath but not near your phone.
stephreallife / Via instagram.com

12. This wife, who put too many candles on her husband’s birthday cake and almost burned the house down.

When you’re so old your cake burns down and sets the smoke alarm off.
mekea_krissa / Via instagram.com

13. This wife, who forgot an important part of the lunch equation

If anyone needs lessons on how to be a good housewife, I’m going to start offering classes. I got up at 4 this morning to make his lunch, and just put mustard and cheese on bread because I was half asleep.
themrsalamia / Via instagram.com

14. This wife, who tried to wash her husband’s pillow

laura_ea_heath / Via instagram.com

15. This wife, who has no idea the kind of situation her husband is in right now

jennermaire / Via instagram.com

16. This wife, who dropped the ball and the beer

Hey babe, can you grab some beer while you’re at the store?
emilyfaithrigsby / Via instagram.com

17. This wife, who accidentally led her husband to believe they were expecting

hkmalcom / Via twitter.com

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