1. Sad faucet


2. Don’t roast me!

Everyone calm the fu*k down.
potatofree / Via reddit.com

3. I never knew fruit could show such expression!

rawrtherapy / Via reddit.com

4. Dude in martini has had too much to drink

xsited1 / Via reddit.com

5. Chicken Church

lighthugger / Via imgur.com

6. The peanut butter looks really dissatisfied.


7. This pepper didn’t enjoy getting cut.

stivinladria / Via reddit.com

8. This horrifying jalapeño

helookedsohappy / Via reddit.com

9. Looks like it’s from the cars film

i124nk8 / Via reddit.com

10. Hey, I will wash the floor with you!

jongglr8 / Via imgur.com

11. Free this dog!

amavritansky / Via reddit.com

12. Two bearded men

zakarranda / Via reddit.com

13. When your owner doesn’t want to go on a diet

Vidya-Gaemr / Via reddit.com

14. Teenage mutant ninja loafers

slew1039 / Via reddit.com

15. Drunk washing machine


16. The bathroom doorknob

fireisblu / Via reddit.com

17. The worlds happiest airplane. Ever.

TheBedazzler / Via reddit.com

18. Noticed this guy while attempting to take a selfie

clairebaer / Via imgur.com

19. Happy chair


20. This box lid about to destroy your argument…

SpeedyTorgo / Via reddit.com

21. They know what they’re going to be used for.


22. This chair is really scared.

The-Lazy-Lemur / Via reddit.com

23. This shocked windmill

ellenpal / Via reddit.com

24. Found on moillusions, happy Twix bar.

Huemons / Via reddit.com

25. My car can’t believe it.


26. But, I’m tired.

MightyWizard2 / Via reddit.com

27. Evil boxes

BlawnDee / Via twitter.com

28. Such a curious box

Beeds666 / Via reddit.com

29. When life gives you lemons.. sometimes they smile back :)

RebekaRebane / Via imgur.com

30. Happy headlights


Preview photo credit: i124nk8 / reddit, bart.livejournal.com