1. This mom, who used a diaper as a coffee sleeve so her fingers wouldn’t get too cold

When Starbucks doesn’t give you enough napkins or the guards you get when you get a hot drink, you have to get smart or get frostbite lol
jazmin_bree / Via instagram.com

2. This mom, who stuck her kid’s burrito in a popsicle holder to save herself a mess

Popsicle stick Burrito hack! The stick in the middle was a bit tricky but SOO much less mess. Have you tried this?
fit_happy_momma / Via instagram.com

3. This mom, whose kid couldn’t wait for their french fries to cool down, so she thought of a way to help

When your child can’t wait for the fries to cool down, so you have to speed the process up.
kaila_elizabeth_official / Via instagram.com

4. This mom, who made a tablet viewing station with a freakin’ ziploc bag

When your mom is a genius. Ziplock bag for the win!
momma.to.many / Via instagram.com

5. This mom, who made “toast fries” and “jam ketchup” to get her kid to eat their breakfast

Toast fries with jam ketchup….I’m a mom-ing genius!
carapoage / Via instagram.com

6. This mom, who super-glued those itty-bitty doll shoes to the itty-bitty dolls’ feet so they wouldn’t get lost anymore

This holiday season I reached the peak of my mom genius thus far in life. Superglue + tiny doll shoes = success.
okcmomsblog / Via instagram.com

7. This mom, who in a bind made a makeshift diaper out of a grocery bag

Soooo… This happened. I had to improvise a rudimentary form of butt protection when I ran out of diapers while we were out.
ohheyaria / Via instagram.com

8. This mom, who used her kid’s wheels to bring in all the groceries at the same time

Work smarter not harder! 1 trip vs 10.
momofa_t1d / Via instagram.com

9. This mom, who used her baby’s old sock to keep her wrapping paper together

I think everyone can agree with me when I say is annoying when your wrapping papers are always flying lose. Well, take an old sock that doesn’t have its pair anymore and cut it at the heel. Perfect way to keep your wrapping papers from flying around in the closet lol.
craftysavvymom / Via instagram.com

10. This mom, who hid her M&Ms in her coffee cup, so her kids wouldn’t catch on

Seriously, I feel dumb for not figuring this out. Kids are cleaning up toys, and I’m eating M&Ms. They have no idea.
mommythezookeeper / Via instagram.com

11. This mom, who used command hooks to hang her kids’ cups on the water dispenser for easy access

joannie_rouleau / Via instagram.com

12. This mom, who needed to move the table, so she borrowed her kid’s skates

When moving a heavy table outside to be sanded this is how I roll!
momma2beans / Via instagram.com

13. This mom, who used one of those clothing size stickers to keep the Goldfish from going stale

I mean…. if the shoe fits.
jacquelynnpilcher / Via instagram.com

14. This mom, who used her shower caddy to get the relaxation she totally deserves

Best birthday present everrrrr…Bath rack which can hold my vino, a candle and also has an iPad/book stand roll on
milts / Via instagram.com

15. This mom, who took the clamps off a pants hanger and used them as chip clips

OMG genius!!!! I cannot stand those pant hangers!!! Look at this FANTASTIC idea, I’m not buying anymore chip bag clips!!! Use them for cereal bags, chips, & more!!! If they break, just toss it out no worries your welcome !!!
lindsay_head / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: kaila_elizabeth_official / instagram, momma.to.many / instagram