1. Went to Starbucks, found this thing.

It’s obviously a… It looks like a… What the fu*k is going on?
c3ll4r__d00r / Via reddit.com

2. The way the dew forms on the glass makes it look like three ghosts are waiting for the bus.

drawkward- / Via reddit.com

3. Unexpected café date

Griffsterometer / Via reddit.com

4. Cow head? What’s going on here?

h0ntor / Via reddit.com

5. This cloud that looks like a feather

mrashtail / Via reddit.com

6. Was cleaning my mom’s bathroom and realized that this jar that’s been sitting there for 15 years is not filled with sea shells. It’s filled with pasta shells…

saidiecat / Via reddit.com

7. Me on my insta vs me on my moms facebook

quenblackwell / Via twitter.com

8. The way our tent looks like it has beautiful nature printed on it.

It’s what’s called a “window”
Gypsy-Horror / Via reddit.com

9. Good old bent leg

spammingpleb123 / Via reddit.com

10. My backpack seems to not have a reflection, but the room on the right is just an exact copy of the one I’m in.

sedarco / Via reddit.com

11. The hands belong to the guy in the white shirt

adija1 / Via reddit.com

12. These pumpkin rolls that look like real pumpkins.

WorestFittaker / Via reddit.com

13. Are those his legs? I’m confused

jgpirie / Via reddit.com

14. This is not a framed picture; it is a TV.


15. These escalators with mirrors

Fischifischfisch / Via reddit.com

16. This log looks like a crocodile

ChompyTM / Via imgur.com

17. My friend cut her dog’s hair and made a whole new dog with it!

lostinthelandofoz / Via reddit.com

18. These leaves are the same color as my neighbor’s house

hen32 / Via reddit.com

19. My camera captured these drumsticks as waves

oct8vius / Via reddit.com

20. The difference in lighting between my sister’s room vs my room at the exact same time of day.

an-angry-bee / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: mrashtail / reddit, h0ntor / reddit