1. Anyone that does this.

drifterwood16 / Via reddit.com

2. When security is more important than the plot

DrButtholeAndCo / Via reddit.com

3. Rented God of War and got paper instead.

OutLiveThemDeadRoses / Via reddit.com

4. These holes go into the same bin

atomicpete / Via reddit.com

5. Whoever put up this fake sticker of an open outlet at the airport, you are now my enemy for life.

Atrioc / Via twitter.com

6. The way my wife opened this strawberry milk.

ixtlu / Via reddit.com

7. It’s fake, someone’s trying to fool you.

pink_lightening / Via reddit.com

8. This “Genius”!

cockstco / Via twitter.com

9. Am I lucky or not?

NickNak9 / Via reddit.com

10. This pepperoni pizza

CPrichie / Via reddit.com

11. Furious customers

I feel bad for the employees that have to clean that all up. People can be such pains in the asses sometimes.
_Lady_Deadpool_ / Via reddit.com

12. The levels of disgust I built up seeing this

lolo795 / Via reddit.com

13. My high school felt the need to install a fence separatibg the student parking lot and the school.

LizzyRooREAL / Via reddit.com

14. The way my roomate eats his pizza. I never try to judge how others eat/prepare their food but this is insanity.

Imthedudewiththeblow / Via reddit.com

15. People who stand here during rush hour.

dodiagon / Via reddit.com

16. Does the driver have a driver’s license?

autizam / Via reddit.com

17. This is the STUPIDEST product I’ve EVER seen. You’re literally paying to be unsafe.

semper183 / Via reddit.com

18. Amazon shipped my hot sauce without any padding.

bizzaromatt / Via reddit.com

19. My roommate ate all of the peanut butter cups off of the cupcakes that were made

posttitnote / Via reddit.com

20. How can some people be so selfish?

Varoeldurr / Via reddit.com

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