1. When your spouse is your best friend, you share everything.

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2. Marriage is about sharing (almost) everything

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3. The secret to a successful marriage (30+ years) with a shared bathroom.

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4.Chances are, you’ve started dressing alike without even realizing it.

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5. Naturally, you two probably have a lot in common…

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6. He’s still a happy husband :)

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7. The bathroom, once a private place, is less private now.

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8. Much less private.

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9. When your spouse is your best friend, not even procrastination feels like a waste of time if you’re doing it together.

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10. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for one another.

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11. Pretty much sums up my marriage…. The card I received from my wife

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12. When they are around, you create your own fun.

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13. Although you have to admit, being married to your best friend can be pretty annoying sometimes.

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14. The things you once enjoyed doing just aren’t as fun when your spouse isn’t around.

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15. They’ll test your patience and your resolve.

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16. Using a wholesome meme to generate a second wholesome meme

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17. You struggle to imagine where you’d be in life if you didn’t marry this person.

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18. I, too, have a way of ruining special moments with my spouse

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Because when you’re married to your best friend, life is good.

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