1. Imagine hurrying your soiled baby into the bathroom only to find this

It’s because they always put the Soda Spilling Stations so close to the Baby Changing Stations — everyone constantly gets them mixed up smh
bachisgod / Via reddit.com

2. The key I had to carry across the huge children’s museum in order to unlock the family bathroom. With twins.

Nizzore / Via reddit.com

3. Some toolbags decided to do donuts in the park where my kids play soccer on Sunday mornings….

Reddit040 / Via reddit.com

4. Imagine looking in your toddler’s sock drawer and finding this pile of socks without a matching pair among them


5. Imagine pulling up to this space and finding this interloping motorcycle

At least its inside the lines…
iwanturmoney / Via reddit.com

6. Or pulling up to this space as a dad with toddlers


7. Imagine discovering this atrocity in your kid’s bathroom

ixtlu / Via reddit.com

8. Or finding this bag of chips your kid insisted on opening themselves

The way my kid opens the nacho bag
FourOpposums / Via reddit.com

9. Imagine putting on Goldilocks and the Three Bears for your toddler and having Spotify cue up this next

jimboxiii / Via reddit.com

10. Or being at a restaurant where your kid is given a menu maze they can’t actually finish

Grayskis / Via reddit.com

11. Imagine your kid begging for an “eggy sandwich,” then not eating a single bite after you made it

4 year old: “Mommy, I want an eggie sandwich.” Makes eggie sandwich. “I’m not hungry.” Ugh.
Lady_Vulcan / Via reddit.com

12. When you open a new can of baby formula and the scoop is no where to be seen.

Jnclarke / Via reddit.com

13. Imagine your kid playing in this doctor’s waiting room next to this exposed outlet

HonestlyCrum / Via reddit.com

14. Or living in a house with a light switch that’s at just the right height for a toddler to turn on and off all day long

My house has a toddler height light switch and I have a toddler. On off on off all day.
beeranden / Via reddit.com

15. Imagine opening your kid’s wallet and seeing this

The money organization in my 9 year old son’s wallet.
banks19 / Via reddit.com

16. Or being invited to a “Family Snow Day” where you can’t bring your, uh, whole family

I don’t think my daughter’s school understands what a family is.

And finally, imagine taking your kid to learn at a library that could definitely stand to brush up on its ABCs

This alphabet on the wall of a library, of all places.

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: iwanturmoney / reddit, beeranden / reddit