1. The best photo frame

rajsarkar36 / Via instagram.com

2. The Great Cover Up at the perfect time


3. The paths of these planes

An1onn / Via imgur.com

4. Its a dog-eat-dog world out there

moonskye / Via reddit.com

5. Lightning strike as I took a picture

opprobrious77 / Via imgur.com

6. Pretty sure this is some sort of astronomical phenomenon

Nannes42 / Via reddit.com

7. This is what happens when you are too competitive

thgrt0 / Via reddit.com

8. Tried to take a picture of the sunset while driving and a bird totally ruined my shot..


9. The exact moment the chicken stole her ice cream.

Hexidian / Via reddit.com

10. My boyfriend snapped a picture of me just as this seagull took flight.

hockeyhearty / Via reddit.com

11. Catching a falling hotdog

fawnshox / Via reddit.com

12. I’ll see your perfect timing and raise you one.

sheeprider / Via imgur.com

13. This frog jumped off my friend’s head with the most perfect form

dragonxp1 / Via reddit.com

14. This perfect timing

An1onn / Via imgur.com

15. Airplane reflection on a cloud surrounded by a rainbow.

djdharmanyc / Via reddit.com

16. The longest cat in the world


17. These two signs kinda look like they’re warning of UFOs beaming people up

VincentsPriceIsRight / Via reddit.com

18. Time to run

Tucko29 / Via reddit.com

19. Dolphin shows an Albatross how to get some air

jeppe148 / Via reddit.com

20. Was taking a photo of my peanut butter and caught my toast mid-pop

OldManSensitive / Via reddit.com

21. This whale is feeling creative

Rainmaker1973 / Via twitter.com

22. Sky puppers!

basshead541 / Via reddit.com

23. I was going for the shoes.

mrwillthrowit / Via reddit.com

24. How this reflection of light only got past with the red

muthafuckingme / Via reddit.com

25. That’s hurt a lot

isabelasmith / Via reddit.com

H/T Bright Side,Preview photo credit: sheeprider / imgur, Rainmaker1973 / twitter