1. Ratatouille Halloween costume


2. I teach microbiology. Halloween Plague Lessons FTW

CinnabunsHun / Via imgur.com

3. Turned my wheelchair into the Iron Throne for Halloween

shehappens / Via reddit.com

4. My friend’s kids Halloween costumes, Henry the VII and Ann Boleyn

monkeygruven / Via imgur.com

5. Beauty with her little beast.

GallowBoob / Via reddit.com

6. Banksy’s shredded painting girl with balloon

PopArtAngel / Via twitter.com

7. Peter pan & his shadow

tonygar1997 / Via twitter.com

8. It’s sexy if you love spreadsheets

JiveMonkey / Via reddit.com

9. My daughter and I are ready to terrorize the neighborhood again this Halloween.

chickentoe / Via reddit.com

10. A little late but my wife dressed up as Lara Croft for Halloween. She’s an amputee so she improvised

theschway83 / Via reddit.com

11. An Arquillen from Men In Black in NYC

keypernicus / Via imgur.com

12. My local weatherman dressed as a bat for Halloween.

graveshd / Via reddit.com

13. I was the royal baby for Halloween

TheRealFreshy / Via reddit.com

14. My little brother has autism, he thinks a little differently than the rest of us.. this year he decided to be a formal apology

ImSexuallyAttractedToSpaghetti / Via imgur.com

15. Pickle Rick!

ins1der / Via reddit.com

16. It’s child’s play for him


17. I’m fat and I’m pregnant and I have no shame.

borrow_a_feeling / Via reddit.com

18. Halloween Banksy

westatwork / Via reddit.com

19. Three girls dressed up as the women portrayed in “Hidden Figures”

1Voice1Life / Via reddit.com

20. My buddy’s Winifred Sanderson costume he made for Halloween. Booooook!

chadork / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: JiveMonkey / reddit, chickentoe / reddit