1. Becoming an adult is about leaving childish things behind
What’s the dumbest thing you believed as a child?
Naptime was a punishment.
zancunt, machinegunkelly / Via twitter.com

2. It’s about learning how to get things done
Apparently being an adult means googling phone numbers that call you rather than answering them.
timbolton1 / Via twitter.com

3. And it’s about taking care of business
I’ve been so stressed about getting my sh*t together that I haven’t gotten any of my sh*t together
persianthotz_ / Via twitter.com

4. Being an adult is all about survival
How do people work 10+ hours a Day then come home and workout and cook? Adulting is an extreme sport
ari_b15 / Via twitter.com

5. It’s about making time for friends
Used to sneak out my house to go to parties, now I sneak out of parties to go to my house
diegxrubixe / Via twitter.com

6. And it’s about self-care
KID: *falls out of tree* I’m fine ADULT: *sleeps on neck a little strangely* I have to turn my whole body to look at you for the next week
batkaren / Via twitter.com

7. Being an adult is about learning the true value of a dollar
$20 is like an adult dollar
_kneefuh / Via twitter.com

8. It’s about being prepared
Welcome to your 30s. You now have Home Advil and Purse Advil.
ValeeGrrl / Via twitter.com

9. It’s about making big changes in your life
Being an adult means not having your bed pushed up against a corner. That is literally the only criteria
BoyYeetsWorld / Via twitter.com

10. Being an adult is about having the difficult conversations
Being an adult is having the “we have food at home” talk with yourself.
BarbattJocelyn / Via twitter.com

11. It’s about finding joy in the little things:
I’ve spent my whole adult life chasing the high of a scholastic book fair
Merman_Melville / Via twitter.com

12. And making time for friends
Adult friendships

jenlynn / Via twitter.com

13. It’s about understanding

jaclcfrost / Via tumblr.com

14. Embracing freedom
I’m an adult, and I can eat whatever I want whenever I want, and I wish someone would take this power from me.
primawesome / Via twitter.com

15. And realizing why your parents are the way they are
Adulting is finally understanding why your mom was so upset with you when you didn’t take the chicken out of the freezer
__SOfetch / Via twitter.com

16. Being an adult is about staying in touch
Adult friendship is saying “let me call you back” hanging up and calling back 3-4 days later and no one takes it personal.
SmileBKLYN / Via twitter.com

17. And getting a little rest
Being an adult is pretty easy, you just feel tired all the time and tell phone about how tired you are and they tell you how tired they are
technicallyron / Via twitter.com

18. But mostly being an adult is this playing in your head every day, all day long

tayloredbites / Via twitter.com

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