1. Education is vital

TheBannedOne2 / Via imgur.com

2. Today, I am the airport hero.

hateburn / Via reddit.com

3. These are real friends

TweetLlkeAGuy / Via twitter.com

4. Just people helping people

MrCheckpoint / Via twitter.com

5. I’m glad this event is held next to a pool

notbradpitt / Via imgur.com

6. Somebody should shake up these people’s life values.

I_Am_Batgirl / Via reddit.com

7. Not the hero we deserve, but the one I needed

christian_l9 / Via reddit.com

8. Classic, plausible reasoning.

IamTimeTraveler / Via imgur.com

9. The hero we need.

ShitSpackledMuppetFart / Via imgur.com

10. We definitely need that one near every market

ABC Action News / Via youtube.com

11. Yes, please.

stretchwinters / Via imgur.com

12. Not all heroes wear capes… but some actually do.

moreroomforactivities / Via imgur.com

13. This is for free!

eemzyy / Via twitter.com

14. Pizza delivery guy stuck in a flooded road, but still saves the pizza. A true hero.

SubyWill / Via reddit.com

15. 104-year-old Grace Brett, member of band of guerilla knitters, thought to be the oldest street artist/yarn-bomber in world

SharkInAShark / Via imgur.com

16. I’ve carried chalk in my car for 10 months JUST so i could do this once. Yesterday was the day

adunkel2016 / Via twitter.com

17. True love

itsLiiGHTz / Via imgur.com

18. Just your everyday hero

GiantHeadlnTheSky / Via imgur.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: moreroomforactivities / imgur