1. When your world opens up
High school teachers: only .edu or .org sources are reliable
College professors: yeah, so I found this on Wikipedia
erinlyman36 / Via twitter.com

2. When you have to think of new ways to kill time
High school: Aye can we get an extra 5 minutes between classes please?
College: what the heck am i supposed to do for 3 hours
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3. When you become independent

sbstnshn / Via twitter.com

4. When your eating schedule changes
10pm in high school: alright time for bed
2am in college: alright time for dinner
FactsOfSchool / Via twitter.com

5. When you realize who your real friends are
Spent 4 years with some people who won’t even hmu when I’m back in town. Spent 4 months with people who say they miss me after 2 weeks
TCairo71 / Via twitter.com

6. When the weather fights back
high school: due to inclement weather, schools will be cancelled today.
college: grab your tubes and float to class
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7. When the compliments reduce in size
Elementary school: wow! How smart! You’re incredibly gifted
Middle school: wow you’re especially smart for your age!
High school: such intellect! So promising!
College: hey
Me: hey
College: ur exceptionally average.
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8. When failing gets easier
High school:
Did u study last night?
Nah fam
What’d you get?

How long did u study last night?
11 hours
What’d u get?
CoIlegeProbIems / Via twitter.com

9. When the professor knows how to have fun
High school teacher:
“okay you got 30 mins for this 60 question test. Idgaf if you don’t finish, they’re not gonna accept this sh*t in college.”

College prof:
“who wants to play kahoot?”
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10. When extra credit becomes holier

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11. When the professor gets to the point
High school teachers: I’m MRS. HARDA*S and you will take me SERIOUSLY
College profs: what up I’m Josh and class is cancelled cuz I’m tired
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12. When they say one too many things
high school teacher: you can’t know anything about my life
college prof: i have a drinking problem
tjking1204 / Via twitter.com

13. When you settle for less
Highschool me: A’s gets ya paid.
College me: Fu*k it, C’s & D’s gets degrees.
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14. When you put on jeans instead of sweatpants
*dresses up in high school*
omg! you look great!
*dresses up in college*
where are u going?
do u have a date?
is there a funeral?
are u ok?
ColIegeStudent / Via twitter.com

15. When you become more understanding
High School vs College

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16. When 8 a.m. takes on a whole new meaning
An 8 am class in high school is completely different from an 8 am in college
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And finally, when you have to fend for yourself
High school and college are so different. In high school teachers would go slow and make sure everyone understood. College the professor is like “here’s the PowerPoint lol good luck”
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