1. She wanted to play with the laptop

Poncecutor / Via reddit.com

2. Looks like the neighbors planned a long weekend away

Cubatahavana / Via reddit.com

3. This badly calculated risk

marleybennett / Via twitter.com

4. This poorly-chosen meal

MrWiggleIt / Via reddit.com

5. This editor’s big mistake

Pirate_Redbeard / Via reddit.com

6. He might be waiting a while.

retroman89 / Via reddit.com

7. Well…

WhiteTrashWithMoney / Via reddit.com

8. I tried to add almond milk to my coffee this morning

flashmanMRP / Via reddit.com

9. This misguided use of Twitter

carleysholl / Via twitter.com

10. My gf wanted to cook for me

TacoLake / Via reddit.com

11. This attempt to show a cat love

enthion / Via reddit.com

12. About to arrive for an interview in a new suit, realise they left the tag on….

balf92 / Via reddit.com

13. Well that was a quick turnaround.

Bebopcanoo / Via reddit.com

14. Sarah, who was “just kidding”

kfir99 / Via reddit.com

15. That’s just savage

xxCrunchYYT / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Poncecutor / reddit, xxCrunchYYT / reddit