1. My roommates only respond to passive agressive notes with personified household objects

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2. This weekend my girlfriend, who lives 180 miles away, came to visit me. As you would expect, we got up to the horizontal shuffle. In the morning this note was passed under my door. I am thinking of having it framed.


3. Every load

Kittiemeow8 / Via reddit.com

4. This flowchart someone made to gently remind their roommates to do their dishes

onmyknees4batman / Via reddit.com

5. When roommates disagree

Z5555517 / Via reddit.com

6. This person who made a piece of toast into the angry bossy roommate


7. Roommate kept letting the toilet seat noisily drop after he was done. After multiple reminders, I left this note on the seat

JimboNasium / Via reddit.com

8. This “garbage can” that just wanted to be emptied out


9. Passive aggressive notes to my roommates to teach them about the importance of water and loneliness

mattferraro / Via twitter.com

10. This reminder that the toilet paper needs to be replaced


11. Roommate’s passive, aggressive response to late night mischief

michaelsharpe14 / Via imgur.com

12. My roommate’s passive-aggressive way of telling me i spend too much time on my computer


13. Passive-aggressive beverages

unknown / Via boredpanda.com

14. This person who is trying to prevent a roach infestation


15. My roommate is always leaving passive aggressive notes about what she does around the house. Thought I’d join in.


16. Passive aggressive roommate preparing for Valentines Day.

Jiminycricketmuncher / Via reddit.com

17. A month ago my roommate wrote me a passive aggressive note about doing the dishes. He never does the dishes.

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18. Caught

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19. My roommate put this on our fridge

pestoner / Via reddit.com

20. This person who made this apt comparison


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