1. Peralta and Santiago are on the case, sir.

ana_ICB / Via twitter.com

2. This couple’s Prince and David Bowie costume that’s shining down on us all from rock heaven.

ella_beaudoin / Via twitter.com

3. Target + Starbucks. We belong together.

adamthehawk / Via twitter.com

4. I’m so obsessed with my friend Aaron and his BFs couples costume that I had to share it.

Bach_ShitCray / Via twitter.com

5. This couple’s Blue’s Clues costume that’s so adorably nostalgic it hurts.

Cferrara108 / Via twitter.com

6. Happy Halloween from Velma and Shaggy

nikidemar / Via twitter.com

7. Cutest couples costume you’ll see all year

sleepy_fvck / Via twitter.com

8. This couple’s Pokémon costume that’ll make you wish you could catch ‘em all!

thiccevieve / Via twitter.com

9. We won best couples costume!

kahlyiles / Via twitter.com

10. This couple’s Jurassic World costume that’ll make you roar with laughter.

aleenasworld / Via twitter.com

11. Halloween Party! Em&M

Th3B3anBurrito / Via twitter.com

12. You’re the anticline to my syncline

meteoritenat / Via twitter.com

13. This couple’s The Good Place costume that’s both good and bad.

miko_chaymbuhz / Via twitter.com

14. This couple’s Emoji faces costume

JaymeeMak / Via twitter.com

15. You guys…WE WON LAST NIGHT! Best Couples Costume! We had THE MOST fun!

WacquiJacqui / Via twitter.com

16. Stranger things have happened on Halloween…. (we couldn’t find demogorgon pet costumes but they tried their best)

SheIsGroot / Via twitter.com

17. This couples Parks and Recreation costume that’ll make you giggle.

gabironioni / Via twitter.com

18. This couple’s Instagram filter costume that would make you double tap.

GoldeeenS0UL / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ana_ICB / twitter