1. Got my glasses today.. thanks UPS

fatboy_and_chubchub / Via reddit.com

2. This was just delivered. My door opens out.

Thingswithcookies / Via reddit.com

3. My book was delivered today…

SeaderTree / Via reddit.com

4. Just got my Valentine’s Day gift. Thank you Shari’s Berries and UPS!

itswac / Via reddit.com

5. This large box that was delivered by being thrown over the fence

flairness / Via reddit.com

6. This pizza I got delivered…

Lobsterquadrille12 / Via reddit.com

7. The package delivery service at this building

CrushedPixl / Via reddit.com

8. I Hate UPS Just a Little Bit More Every Day

god_dammit_dax / Via reddit.com

9. When the mail delivery person does this with your package..

patriciakav / Via reddit.com

10. I ordered a plug and this is how it came in the mail

swabianne / Via reddit.com

11. How USPS delivered my held mail after being out of town for the holidays.

MagnusPI / Via reddit.com

12. Handled With Care!!??

brcasey3 / Via reddit.com, BuzzFeed

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