1. This Domino’s driver is the real hero!

Hope you gave him a fat tip
demari999 / Via reddit.com

2. See…selfless hero

That sounds a lot like something a policeman would say
xxshadowraidxx / Via reddit.com

3. Thank you unsung hero for paying it forward

redgrrr / Via reddit.com

4. Working Class Hero

augenwiehimmel / Via reddit.com

5. There are also some who take justice into their own hands

pepsiguy24 / Via reddit.com

6. Don’t think you have to be human to be a hero, either

ThaJabberwock / Via twitter.com

7. Alex is the hero we need

Mnmsaregood / Via reddit.com

8. Heroes also do what they want

DaleVDelrosario / Via twitter.com

9. Selfless acts are the first rule of heroism

Shermanate / Via reddit.com

10. This Man Is A National Hero

TroubleMan24 / Via reddit.com

11. Mexican Hero

RojoCinco / Via reddit.com

12. The hero we deserve

HunterGEM / Via reddit.com

13. Hmmmm

plopkoektv / Via reddit.com

14. This hero who suffered so we wouldn’t have to

lagsa / Via reddit.com

15. Ok, you win.

scritt_ / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Mnmsaregood / Reddit