1. Bats Not allowed to cross the street

readball / Via reddit.com

2. Do not swim in smoke.

imdeadinsidelol / Via reddit.com

3. Our best wedding photo

plantdj / Via reddit.com

4. Their expecting!

dropdeadzoe / Via reddit.com

5. Wick: nope not my job

glorious_albus / Via reddit.com

6. I wanted a dog, my girlfriend wanted a dog, then clearly something went wrong…

You got a lil devil!
zhanardi / Via reddit.com

7. When you mistakenly displayed your desktop’s main screen on the billboard and forgot about it

duccthefu*k / Via reddit.com

8. Papa John’s accidently left the trey under my pizza.

SargentPanPan / Via reddit.com

9. Surreal puddle in a parking garage

di*kfromaccounting / Via reddit.com

10. When there are no villains, but you need some money to make ends meet.

SlyFox227 / Via reddit.com

11. I think I’m sitting next to a weirdo

bigsandip / Via reddit.com

12. Then why’d you give me the f**cking case

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13. I now understand the phrase “close enough for government work”.

FaxCelestis / Via reddit.com

14. Guinea Pig

hawkeye2604 / Via reddit.com

15. He won’t know what to do

fallsballs_mcgee / Via reddit.com

16. This floor moulding


17. DIY went wrong – Literal “Split AC”

Which room gets the ‘A’ and which gets the ‘C’?
rubicondroid / Via reddit.com

18. These air conditioning units keep their offices cool by blowing hot air straight into the common corridor.

GeneReddit123 / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: glorious_albus / reddit, imdeadinsidelol / reddit