1. The way my teacher arranges his pencils

TheBeanieNation / Via reddit.com

2. My uncle’s wedding in Las Vegas, streamed live on the internet.

Corrupt / Via reddit.com

3. Feast your eyes on my wedding cake topper.

ThaCarter4IV / Via reddit.com

4. A friend and I tried to recreate The Creation Of Adam. I think it turned out pretty well.

OllySho / Via reddit.com

5. One of my favourite tattoos. Head of Corgi- left arm above elbow, Butt- right leg above ankle.

arabella_wonderland / Via reddit.com

6. My work have these on the ceiling to give the illusion of daylight outside during night shift.

jordanlikesbeer / Via reddit.com

7. The X-Men’s Room

EmoLibrarian / Via reddit.com

8. Our campus cinema didn’t have the poster for Deadpool 2 so they improvised. I think this is a good substitute.

BigCballer / Via reddit.com

9. Boys, I think I found the one.

DaltonH28 / Via reddit.com

10. I feel like that would work pretty quick. Especially with how well dressed he is.

ImNuttz4Buttz / Via reddit.com

11. Blending right in


12. My cousins have a glow in the dark toilet

TheJoeyGuy / Via reddit.com

13. Finally found a use for my old T.V

rony20000 / Via reddit.com

14. His hairline looks painted on

LoboDaTerra / Via reddit.com

15. The Cafe at my closest beach gives free drinks to people who collect a bucket of litter from the beach

Chazster567 / Via reddit.com

16. New Mexican restaurant in my hometown

Tellii88 / Via reddit.com

H/T Bright Side, Preview photo credit: TheBeanieNation / Reddit, ImNuttz4Buttz / Reddit