1. Vladimir Putin t-shirt

youandmeandrainbows / Via imgur.com

2. Someone took my art and somehow decided it would look good on a mini skirt…

marcallanteart / Via reddit.com

3. These outfits though

ILoveRegenHealth / Via reddit.com

4. My wife’s T-shirt says “Saturday”

cosmictrousers / Via reddit.com

5. Had to do a double take

insoh2 / Via reddit.com

6. The heel of these heels are heels.

Daft_Serious / Via reddit.com

7. This unfortunate jumper placement

anneliese_s / Via reddit.com

8. I sent my son off to University of Florida and he became a Naz…oh

DudusMaximus8 / Via reddit.com

9. Want some shoes that look like you stepped in dog sh*t?

notenoughroom / Via reddit.com

10. Say Aloha to cancer. Wait, doesn’t aloha mean hello too?

Kerbal_Wannabe / Via reddit.com

11. This skirt…

JP731 / Via reddit.com

12. These “designer jeans” look like they’re covered in sh*t stains

TheHi6hli6htReel / Via reddit.com

13. Gym hair, don’t care. INFINITY


14. I’m going to assume a guy designed this skirt


15. Kids love pandas!

TenFootLoPan / Via reddit.com

16. This kids swim suit that looks like a suicide vest.

officialkfc / Via reddit.com

17. T-shirts for a Fun Run

brendan_07 / Via reddit.com

18. The way the brand logo loops on this beanie…

TheBlaDeal / Via reddit.com

19. I’m calling the police

TheCheish / Via twitter.com

20. Should I do it?

sweatypancakes2 / Via reddit.com

21. Aids

tiredasfuck_ / Via reddit.com

22. This.

Dang I’m pretty distressed can’t someone give me $999
erikajobob / Via reddit.com

23. This shirt

eurfryn / Via reddit.com

24. These shirts

AnxiousUnderling / Via reddit.com

25. Hakuna Matata

UhBu / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: cosmictrousers / reddit