1. My grocery store bags items in blue bags if they’re cold so you can put them away first.

cakefraustin / Via reddit.com

2. You can pick your own mushrooms at this grocery store

BlondeRed / Via reddit.com

3. This grocery store’s carts have a list of common items and the aisle they are found in.

lannister77 / Via reddit.com

4. My local grocery store gives away fruit to kids for free to promote healthy eating.

BrandoCommando34 / Via reddit.com

5. My local grocery store has smart carts that when you search for an item tell you the exact isle and shelf the item is on

rocker248 / Via reddit.com

6. This toilet at a Dutch Supermarket lets you test the brands of toilet paper they sell.

shishdem / Via reddit.com

7. This meat market has a meat vending machine outside just in case they’re closed.

doubleflusher / Via reddit.com

8. My local grocery store was giving out bacon samples

90percentimperfect / Via reddit.com

9. This grocery store has a bar for all the people who got dragged along

BzRic / Via reddit.com

10. My local grocery store has a ripeness chart for bananas.


11. This grocery store has carts in the back in case you buy more than you were expecting.

RumCheddar / Via reddit.com

12. My local supermarket has tags that you can put on broken trolleys

Master-Obvious / Via reddit.com

13. This supermarket has magnifying lenses on their carts to help people read product’s lables

vaccamao / Via reddit.com

14. A grocery store in my town has a machine you can put your wet phone in to save it

needuhlife19 / Via reddit.com

15. This grocery store has a free chilling service for wine


16. This checkout has no candy for parents with kids

KrazoaSpirit / Via reddit.com

17. This grocery store in Kentucky sells containers of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

ejfg / Via reddit.com

18. My local grocery store teaches you the waltz while you’re waiting for your prescription.

GIGALARGZADON / Via reddit.com

19. My local grocery store sells “Cocktails-to-go”

Jam314 / Via reddit.com

20. My local grocery store chain started selling fruits and vegetables that are misshapen, blemished or ugly for a discounted price.

x1pitviper1x / Via reddit.com

21. This grocery store has digital price tags on the shelves

ali_g_aiii / Via reddit.com

22. This supermarket guarantees free groceries if the checkout lines are too long.

jamisonv / Via reddit.com

23. This supermarket has a place to put stuff if you change your mind.

gobears331 / Via reddit.com

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