1. Our office has tiny windows, but on the rare occasion that sunlight gets in, it’s like this

AliceTheGamedev / Via reddit.com

2. Damn, that’s a shame.

beroemd / Via reddit.com

3. Well played fu*kers.

manmadhudu / Via reddit.com

4. Hired a company to pressure wash the sidewalk outside my apartment. This is what I walk outside to.

SpaceTruckin_InTime / Via reddit.com

5. Not 99¢, but starting at 99¢.

blueburter2 / Via reddit.com

6. A little surprise inside my cookie container

organicbabykale1 / Via reddit.com

7. Mugs with a concave bottom that you still have to dry after they have been through the dry cycle in the dish washer

SneakRightByYaBud / Via reddit.com

8. This sums up my day. Why isn’t my stock simmering…it’s been over an hour…

ActualNameIsLana / Via reddit.com

9. Dropped a brand new gallon of milk. As a bonus, I also got a flat tire today.

Brandanaquits / Via reddit.com

10. This driver…

iklegemma / Via reddit.com

11. This perfect timing

ihatecaptcha / Via imgur.com

12. My kids’ freaking toothpaste cap!

rickface82 / Via reddit.com

And finally, when feeding fish, be careful with your phone.

Vexillum211202 / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: ihatecaptcha / imgur, AliceTheGamedev / Reddit