1. One of my coworkers is getting his citizenship today, so we left him a surprise for when he gets back.

brenmariano / Via reddit.com

2. I need this for my office. Haha!

FunnyGal35 / Via reddit.com

3. A coworker put this on my Keurig.

Warjak / Via reddit.com

4. How I told a coworker happy birthday today. :)

LukaLark / Via reddit.com

5. This dad who likes giving his colleagues a good spoop

joceyyys / Via twitter.com

6. Someone changed my coworkers pointer.

CarlOnMyButt / Via reddit.com

7. My coworker came as me to work for Halloween

Kolas707 / Via reddit.com

8. Coworkers goodbye gift

kronill / Via imgur.com

9. Someone made a memorial for a coworker who moved to a different cubical

sunkist268 / Via reddit.com

10. I slashed a coworkers tires

quirk / Via reddit.com

11. The calibre of the people I work with…

maddhatter / Via reddit.com

12. My coworker had his ham stolen from the fridge and left this note, the culprit responded.

samjaco / Via reddit.com

13. Did this to my whole office.

Deadliner / Via reddit.com

14. My coworker finally had enough…

Rabidzeus / Via reddit.com

15. I owed my coworker $50. He didn’t get it back easy

FritzBakon / Via reddit.com

16. My coworkers must enjoy conflict…

Win_in_Roam / Via reddit.com

17. It’s entirely possible my cynicism and frustration with coworkers is starting to show …

benaltman / Via reddit.com

18. My manager posted a note in the break-room. My coworkers took action.

IamKingOfTheLlamas / Via reddit.com

19. My Coworkers revealed to me today that for the past month they have been keeping track of every time I randomly started humming or singing a song.

giiglesandtickles / Via reddit.com

20. Its my coworker’s last day so we made a pillow for the office to remember him by. He wasnt happy.

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