1. I would like one puppaccino and a few head pats to go, please

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2. She’s got a secret

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3. My twin cats meeting their new baby brother!

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4. We drove through 5 provinces to 5 national parks in 11 days and we have never been so happy

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5. Eight years ago, I visited France and went on a tour of castles in the Loire Valley. This dog was hanging out the window staring longingly. Everyone left the tour to give him pets.

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6. Tried to do a photo shoot with my dog Rocco. It took forever to get him to sit still and then when he did he wouldn’t look at me so I threatened to not let him outside anymore. He finally looks at me, only to give my the stink eye!

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7. My daughter seeing herself as Cinderella for the first time

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8. When I see how much my baby girl tries to act like her mom I feel an overwhelming sense of happy and calm knowing that she couldnt have a better example to look up to.

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9. About to drop the loafiest album of 2018!

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10. Why this dog look like it’s about to bust some myths?

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11. Meeting her great-grandmother for the first time!

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12. Look at this beauty

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13. Our cats truly love each other

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14. That is the cutest thing ever! Caramel Snoopy puppy.

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15. We brought home a new puppy and we were wondering if they’d get along

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16. Those beautiful ears

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17. Hey dad, hope it’s okay if I lay here while you play Spider-Man, cause I love you

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18. When you are freezing but he is not, and you warm yourself.

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19. Our dog refuses to let anyone use an iPad. She always wins


20. My cat meows at me until I pick him up, because he loves to cuddle.

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Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: ormandasa / reddit, Grodeur / reddit